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FAQ Buy Facebook Accounts

Need Answers? Find them here

It is 100% safe and there is absolutely no risk for your Facebook fanpage being banned by trading it. However, before each transaction, the buyer needs to carefully check the quality of the account. Just to make sure that there are no prior violations for future development.

It is recommended for the buyers to check the page carefully before making any transactions. The concerns are related to the growth potential of the page, the quality of followers, copyrights, and the prices compared to other similar pages to choose the best quality product.

Depending on the difficulty of each platform and the online time of the seller, the time to receive the page/account will be different. With Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, it might take 1 day to update the information of the new owner. So we generally require that each transaction will be processed maximum within 3 days.

Meanwhile, YouTube is different since it takes 7 days to completely update the information of the new owner, according to the Google policy.

Mid-Man accepts different means of payment, including Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney.

In Mid-Man, we are always committed to protecting buyers and sellers when making secure transactions. After finishing the transaction, the warranty responsibility will be kept by the seller. Depending on the type of account, we will ask the seller to have a short or long warranty.

However, we also encourage buyers to choose providers with high ratings, who have worked for a long time on the floor, to get the best warranty after buying.

Facebook pages for sale are a unique idea that attracts numerous investors, enterprises, and individuals. These pages play an important role in making profits and increasing revenue for your business. They do a great job of reaching a larger customer base, thereby boosting your brand awareness and income.

You can create Facebook pages yourself for advertising and trading. Besides, you also purchase the available Facebook pages to develop your brand or products.  

Learn more about selling and buying Facebook pages in this article to make successful profits. Scroll down for details and read it carefully!

Benefits of buying Facebook pages for sale

Effective sales support

A fan page that has many likes will directly help increase reach and interaction on sales posts. Moreover, it helps sellers to close many orders much more effectively. This purchase of a Facebook page with ready-made likes and follows promotes a more effective sales business.

Strong brand building

Fanpage with thousands of likes has been recognized as having certain popularity. People who believe your page is trustworthy are also more likely to share it or invite friends to like it. Along with reasonable marketing investment, buying this type of fan page supports extremely good brand building.

Buy interactive fanpages

Interactions here include: click, like, share, comment, etc. Normally if you just buy likes for your fan page, when you already have a fan page and use the like service, the likes will increase but sometimes there is no interaction, not to mention the number of likes will decrease after increasing.

If you buy a real interactive fan page, it already has likes and interactions. Then you just need to change the name of the fan page and rebuild your sales content. When converting from entertainment content to sales, the overall interaction can reduce but the amount of interaction on the articles will still be guaranteed, which still supports your sales business.

That’s why you should buy Facebook fan pages instead of Facebook likes.

Participate in making money from “Facebook Ad Breaks” 

Facebook Ad Break is the prominent monetization feature on this platform, but its requirement is to have at least 10,000 followers plus certain interactions with them. And buying a verified Facebook page can completely satisfy those conditions.

Take advantage of the existed customer files

For Facebook pages that have a ready amount of likes, if you want to continue to develop it with that niche, you can completely exploit the customer file who has liked this Facebook fanpage. If you have a cosmetics business, and you can find a fanpage that was also in the cosmetics business (or fashion), it is likely that you will earn a certain number of customers who are followers that might have demand for your products.

Note: Pages with the same topic or product type are often quite rare, so the price of them is often quite high.

Buying Facebook pages is safer than buying Facebook likes.

If you buy likes for the fanpage, the likes may be reduced after increasing. Also, there is no interaction, not to mention the risk that the pages may be locked if Facebook detects suspicion.

If you run ads to increase likes, this is considered a rather expensive method, so many people do not choose it.

On the contrary, if you buy a fanpage, it is completely safer than buying likes and cheaper than running ads to increase likes. That’s why buying like fanpage sales is really hot.

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page is a public site for organizations, businesses, companies, or celebrities. The page creation is derivative from the personal profiles on Facebook. If you want to create a page on Facebook, you need to have a personal profile first. 

Page is also similar to a personal profile to update statuses, posts, photos, and videos. However, it doesn’t feature a limited number of friends as a private account. Page primarily attracts fans as much as possible for increasing likes and follows.    

Facebook pages for sale

Buying Facebook pages is legal?

Buying Facebook pages is not completely illegal in some cases. However, Facebook’s terms of service restrict the ownership change. If you don’t follow Facebook’s rules, they can immediately ban your page. You can have some difficulties in purchasing pages regardless of any purpose.

Buying any pages that are not real administrators or real user accounts can pose quite some risks. Those fake followers, more or less, won’t care about your content or buy your products. You purchase these pages and use them to earn profits or improve income.  So you don’t want an account that does no good for your revenue, right?

How to buy a Facebook page?

The simplest way to purchase a page on Facebook is a discussion with the admin. Contact the admin through messenger or call and persuade them to buy a Facebook page successfully. 

It is safer to purchase a Facebook page that contains unlimited likes from a real admin or verified user account. Seek and check the Facebook page carefully before buying it. The specific and reliable information will help you get a good-quality Facebook page. 

Yet, that seems to cost you lots of time. So, how to buy a Facebook page without any trouble? You should look for reliable websites that provide Facebook pages. These websites are a safe choice for you to make transactions quickly, easily, and securely.  

It is more convenient to create your own Facebook page. It is free and easy. It also helps you reduce the potential hazards. You can use your profile to generate various pages on Facebook to develop your services and products without buying. 

Facebook pages for sale

What is your Facebook page worth?

Its value is determined by how successful it is at reaching fans and attracting interaction. This determination can be identifiable with the number of “likes” your page gains from fans. If your Facebook page has something valuable that buyers are looking for, they will pay for it. 

Some companies or investors are also ready to pay up to thousands of dollars for your page to reach numerous followers and large likes. You can generate a Facebook page for sale and invest in it to get more worth.   

Facebook pages for sale

How to make money on Facebook pages?

Facebook provides various forms for you to earn more money through your page. These ways will make profits and develop your business. It gives you more opportunities to learn valuable knowledge and experience for making money online. 

You can choose the most prominent form or combine the different ways to monetize on your Facebook page. 

In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are short pieces of advertising that advertisers insert in videos for their products or services. This way of earning money is quite common on Facebook pages. 

You create videos about attractive topics and publish them on Facebook pages. Viewers must see these ads in the video playing process. You will get a part of the profit from ads in videos that viewers can see. 

Three types of in-stream ads that Facebook provides include image ads, pre-roll ads, and mid-roll ads. Image ads are static images that work effectively for videos without natural breaks. Pre-roll ads run before your videos begin. Mid-roll ads work in the natural breaks during the video. 

In the Creator Studio or In-stream ads landing page, you enable the In-stream ads to start monetizing on the Facebook page. After permission, In-stream ads will be automatically added to your eligible videos that you uploaded 30 days ago.   

This way is the most suitable for Facebook pages that publish various videos with good content. Your pages need to reach a minimum of 10,000 followers to apply these ads successfully. 

buy a Facebook page

Sell your services

Selling your services on Facebook pages is also one of the promising ways for monetization. This method will be easier if you completely update contact information and website links on your pages. Make sure that posts for introducing your services are clear and valuable. 

You need to build a personal or business page with high traffic to make money by selling your services. Adding good-quality videos or images in your posts on your pages to attract followers. Using paid Facebook ads is the most effective way to drive higher traffic to your pages. 

If you offer common services such as coaching, consulting, and others, this way is the best choice to make a great income. Developing your pages professionally with reliable content and prestigious contact information will increase searches for better monetizing.     

Fan subscriptions

Fan subscriptions are another idea that allows you to earn money from your pages. You create exclusive videos or unique content and schedule a post on Facebook pages. The fan members will support their finance for your creative content or topics. 

Fans are ready to pay for authors, artists, podcasters, writers, or video creators to access their controlled content. There are several different reasons why fans want to support your pages financially. Most importantly, your content is reliable and valuable for them to believe in. 

This monetization method is not popular on Facebook. In recent times, it has attracted attention. It is only applicable through invitation. However, it is an innovative method that gives you more chances of making profits on your pages. 

To monetize on Facebook in this way, you should regularly create unique and valuable content. Such content will attract many fans who want to discover it on your Facebook pages. 

Affiliate marketing & sales

sell facebook page

Affiliate marketing is a familiar form to monetize through products or website links of service. Normally, you put shortened links for marketing a manufacturer’s or seller’s products or services on your pages.  

You will receive a commission when any buyer successfully purchases the products or services through these links. You can join affiliate marketing networks to use links from their campaigns for each sale on Facebook pages. 

Introducing a product or service from a single business or company is possible by setting up its links on your pages. It is also one part of affiliate marketing strategy. Your commission depends on whether customers buy the product or service through the marketing links or not. 

This way is suitable for affiliate marketers or personal businesses to increase their income. Thus, you should become an affiliate marketer and build your business page on Facebook in advance. 

The application of good images and unique descriptions will efficiently boost your affiliate marketing on your pages. 

Collaborate with brands

Collaboration with brands is also closely relevant to influencer marketing. This strategy is quite popular when looking for an effective way to gain money on Facebook pages. 

In this way, you will collaborate with business partners to introduce their products or services on your pages. You will publish your page in the form of a sponsored one.  

These brands will pay for your creative content about their products or services on your pages to influence their followers. Your audience will decide on promoting the purchase and intensifying the brand’s prestige. This marketing strategy is useful for niche or small viewers. 

You should work well together with good brands. If you produce content with these brands on your pages, you can provide valuable information to your followers. It will promote your pages’ development and increase the audience’s trust. 

This opportunity helps you earn money easily with active and loyal followers on your pages. 

facebook page for sale

Add a paid membership to your group 

To get paid membership, you need to build value through posts or information on your pages in advance. On the Facebook page, introduce your paid group that provides what people seek.    

It is significant to tell them about the benefits when they sign up for the membership. They will pay for you to join your group to access the useful topics and content weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

You should write a welcome post and pin it at the top of your group for the successful joining of members. This post also includes the group’s rules for developing it better. Regularly posting valuable content for the members’ interactive promotion.  

Those informative posts will enhance the opportunities for the best monetization from this method. Also, your group must comply with Facebook’s monetizing policies and use terms to operate stably.  

What are the dangers of selling or buying a Facebook page?

Fake followers

Fake followers are a possible risk when you buy Facebook pages. This problem arises from selling fake fans or buying cheap likes or followers. Some buyers might use fake accounts to sell their likes for you. 

When you buy a Facebook page with 100k followers, not only does it cost you a lot of money but the new followers also don’t engage with your content. 

They won’t buy your products or services (or what you advertise) and contribute nothing to your income. Even worse, you violate Facebook’s terms, they will ban your account or delete your page permanently.   

Thus, you need to check the page carefully before purchasing it. Inspecting the followers’ comments is the first thing for detecting fake persons. 

The engagement rate of the pages that exist with fake followers is about 0.5 – 1%. You need to ask for the page owner’s internal analytics of these statistics. 

buying facebook pages

Damage to the brand

Selling a Facebook page can damage a brand’s reputation. It means that you disappoint your followers by betraying their trust in your page. This problem is more terrific if you are a personal brand or an excellent influencer.

Your page’s fans can’t understand what happened to your page when the content they follow is different from your brand. A page selling will ruin your brand’s image in the future. It causes disadvantages for your products or services if you still want to develop them further.


Can I buy a Facebook page?

Yes, you can purchase a specific Facebook page, especially if you’re interested in acquiring it for its followers and targeting.”

What are the costs of purchasing a Facebook page?

A Facebook page’s buying costs can be variable. They are in a wide range of $50 – $20,000 per type of page and contract.  

Can I see a list of Facebook pages you manage?

No. We connect businesses with influencers after we gain a willing publisher. We don’t keep a list of Facebook pages. 

How do I monetize a Facebook page?

You can build a page yourself to make money through Facebook monetizing programs. Buying influence also helps you monetize by pushing your products or services to the target followers. 

How many followers do you need to have for selling on Facebook?

You need a minimum of 10,000 followers for a page to sell with the eligible criteria. For videos on your page, you must reach a baseline of 30,000 one-minute views in the last 60 days.

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There are various lessons and matters about Facebook pages for sale. Mid-Man hopes that the information in this article is useful for you to understand more about buying and selling Facebook pages. 

Besides, you also know how to promote the development of your business and monetize on Facebook pages effectively.