Delivery policy always aims to provide the best shipping service with competitive rates for all orders you place with us. We support nationwide delivery with specific delivery policies as follows:

1, Delivery fee at the store (Agent): applies the delivery fee according to the cost signed with the partner responsible for shipping and forwarding all successfully placed orders.

For customers in the provinces and cities with the company’s stores, we will conduct delivery to customers’ places.

2, Delivery time: will ask the carrier to deliver the goods to the customer within the agreed time when the customer completes the order procedures. Delivery time usually takes at least 3-5 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays).

If you choose to pay by credit card, the order processing time will be counted from when receives your completed payment. Please note that reserves the right to change delivery times without prior notice if affected by natural disasters or other special events.

Your order will be delivered up to 2 times (in case the first delivery is unsuccessful, a staff member will contact you to arrange a second delivery schedule with you. We will try to get you again. In the next two working days (via text message or direct call), the order will no longer be valid if it is still not possible to contact you or do not receive any response from you.

To check your order information or status, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Customer Care.

When the goods are delivered to you, please complete the payment and sign the confirmation with the delivery staff first. Then please check if the product has any errors or defects. Please keep your shipping receipt for checking.