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For an authentic look, start your own Instagram account as if you have just started blogging. You will need to draw followers even before receiving likes and comments. However, you can use hashtags to increase your outreach and contact new people. Also, try commenting on other photos and see what kind of blogger they are trying to project.

Do not be shy about opening emails that people send back to you on behalf of Instagram or taking the time out of your busy schedule to send a few emails to bloggers who have established accounts with a high visibility. If asked for interaction just be honest with them about the reasons why you haven’t been able to make this happen so far.

The best solution is buying Verified Badge Instagram account but keep in mind that it might cost considerably more than other Instagram accounts for sale if it has these features: Verified seal badge which means third-party confirmation by Instagram, select preferred audience by managing their subscription list; prevent seeing profanity more easily by

Account information 

  • Condition: The Instagram account has been verified “Blue Badge”.
  • Date of registered: 2010-2022 (Random)
  • Price: The price depends on the number of followers. Please let us know your need, and we will rely on that to provide you with a suitable account with an exact price.

-> Discuss with us the best choice!!!


  • Be the first to experience the new features of Instagram.
  • Avoid Brand Theft & Increase Trust in your Account.
  • Exclusive element.
  • Become more prestigious.
  • Increase your account visibility in the search bar.

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