October 16 2022


How to buy Instagram accounts? This is probably what many people are wondering. If you’re new to Instagram and have trouble growing your followers, buying an account with a significant following is a quick and easy way to increase your business’ presence. Below, Mid-Man will detail how to buy an Instagram account easily so you can get started as soon as possible!

Best place to buy Instagram accounts Safe and Fast | Real, Verified accounts

1. How to buy Instagram Accounts safely from a seller

Here’s how to buy Instagram Accounts safely from the seller Mid-Man shared with you.

1.1 Check the background

This means that before communicating with someone, you need to confirm their existence and account ownership. Second, you need to confirm that their followers are not automated programs. It shouldn’t be that challenging to identify fraudulent accounts if you go through their posts and comments. 

Here is a fantastic free application that enables you to perform a fast check on the account if you want to be certain.

how to buy instagram accounts
Check the background

1.2 Check the niche

Although it should go without saying, you should confirm that this account meets your requirements. If you are attempting to sell tools for home improvement, buying a fashionista’s account with 50K followers is not very helpful.

Don’t fall victim to fraud just because you were trying to save $30 for background checks because you’re already getting ready to cash out for followers. With this application, you may obtain over 30 important stats for each Instagram user who makes their profile publicly visible. These stats cover the most popular hashtags, words/phrases, frequency of posts, average interaction, etc.

how to buy instagram accounts
Check the niche

1.3 Agree on particular terminology

Make a sales contract after making sure the account’s owner, followers, and legitimacy. Although I am not qualified to provide legal counsel, some many legal professionals and websites can help you with the preparation of a sales contract. Generally speaking, this agreement must contain:

  • Identity of the Parties
  • Date of Agreement
  • Description of Goods and/or Services
  • Payment
  • Delivery
  • Miscellaneous Provisions
how to buy instagram accounts
Agree on particular terminology

1.4 Utilize a reputable payment service

Verify that the account belongs to the person you’re speaking to first. Any effort to get you to pay money via a friend, family member, or third party should instantly raise a red signal.

Since Paypal allows for disputes, claims, chargebacks, and bank reversals, this platform gives you an extra layer of security.

how to buy instagram accounts
Utilize a reputable payment service

1.5 Divide the payment into distinct milestones

Being in direct communication with the vendor during the transaction is advised since you can never be too careful.

You will be given a username and password by the seller. You must log in, modify the account’s email and password, unlink it from the seller’s Facebook account, then link it to your own after that. You won’t have authority over the sold Instagram account until that point.

Since scams can occur both ways, the seller will also request some assurance; therefore, it is recommended to divide the payment into two or three steps during this process. 

Remember that if anything goes wrong, you cannot complain to Instagram because doing so would result in the cancellation of both your account and the account of seller. Also bear in mind that Instagram reserves the right to remove this account at any time.

how to buy instagram accounts
Divide the payment into distinct milestones

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2. How to buy Instagram Accounts from an intermediary

Let’s begin by stating that the most secure approach to getting an Instagram account is through reputable websites and marketplaces, which ensure the caliber of the service as well as the accuracy and openness of the transaction.

As well as online organizations that provide the sale of Instagram accounts they have developed and expanded by certain requirements, there are actual worldwide markets that connect vendors and buyers.

Then there are Facebook groups and forums, where you may find several offers of Instagram pages for sale. However, I do not suggest using these channels because it is simpler to become a victim of fraud. When purchasing Instagram profiles on eBay, the same risk is taken.

You must be aware of the risks involved if you choose the route of private bargaining without the assistance of a secure platform. For example, the person from whom you purchase the account might withhold the access information after receiving payment and vanish into thin air, leaving you with a fistful of flies in your hand.

how to buy instagram accounts
How to buy Instagram Accounts from an intermediary

I suggest that you proceed with the establishment of a standard sales contract and that you pay using PayPal (by selecting the “goods or services” option) so that you will have the option of requesting a refund if things do not go as planned.

You must immediately change the Instagram account’s related email address and password after purchasing it to prevent access by the former owner. However, even if you purchase the profile through one of the markets I’m about to mention, this advice is still applicable.

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3. Best place to buy Instagram Accounts

In the market, many intermediary companies sell social media accounts including Instagram Accounts. However, the best place to buy Instagram Accounts is Mid-Man.

At Mid-Man, we provide the best service to buyers and suppliers. We are one of the largest and safest marketplaces to buy verified Instagram account cheap. We offer you a verified Instagram account at a reasonable price.

Buy Instagram accounts from Mid-Man, and we’ll help you launch your company there to swiftly expand your online visibility and connect with your target market.

how to buy instagram accounts
Mid-Man is the best place to buy Instagram Accounts


Before advertising anything for sale, Mid-Man thoroughly examines each account to make sure it offers solid business potential. Regardless of whether they are high- or low-value, they are all fantastic growth prospects.

Safe transaction

At Mid-Man, both buyers and sellers are safeguarded. We have all the necessary competence to ensure secure transactions thanks to our many years of experience as a middleman in the trading Social Media account sector. Security is also one of the fundamental values we uphold on the site, along with quality.


Mid-Man provides a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for users to locate the appropriate account. We have a straightforward system in place for purchasers that enables you to post the accounts online and contact potential customers anywhere in the world. 

In addition, we use a variety of promotion strategies on Google Adwords and Social Media to expedite your transaction more than ever.

how to buy instagram accounts

Mid-Man provides a user-friendly interface


In the above article, Mid-man has helped you know how to buy Instagram Accounts. Hope this article will help you in the process of buying an Instagram account. Follow Mid-Man for the latest updates on Instagram and other social networking sites. Thank you for following this article.

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