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Viral Toy TikTok Account with +130k Followers

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Member since: 2021


Viral toy account on TikTok. The audience is very active and expects exciting new content. Since this is a fairly new account, there are many possibilities in terms of content directions. You can use the account to introduce new products, continue the existing content, or redirect the audience to other but similar areas of interest. 


The account’s niche and content language are English. We recommend staying in this niche and mainly focusing on US-Followers. 


Guarantee: The account doesn’t cause a “0 Views” problem (If the videos are original and the user’s IP isn’t on the blacklist of TikTok.).


Who is this account suitable for?


People who want to build a brand on TikTok.

People who want to promote products on TikTok.

People who want to open a TikTok Shop.

People who want to do Affiliate on TikTok.




🗸 Created in Dec. 2022

🗸 Avg. engagement rate: 7%


🗸 Real Followers 

🗸 Regular Posting

🗸 Suitable for online stores and the E-commerce Sector.

🗸 NO Business Account

🗸 Target Audience: USA

🗸 converted to 25k Website visits






– Outdoor Fun 

– Shooting Games 

– Backyard Games 

– Nerf Blaster 

– Paintball 

– Water Pistol

– Orbeez 

– Kids Toys 

– Adult Toy 

– Product testing 

– Viral Products 

– Shooting Challenges




Livechat: Text me through Private Message on MID-MAN.

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