I./ This website is owned and operated by MID-MAN DIGITAL LTD with registered address 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

II./ Governing law: These Terms Of Services and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the UK.

These Terms of Use apply to Mid-Man products, the official version running on Mid-Man’s servers under the official domain name https://mid-man.com/. Mid-Man will maintain the website https://mid-man.com/ and its subdomains as a service provided to Mid-Man Users but not limited to individuals or organizations’ use.

Mid-Man can change, adjust these Terms of Use and publish on the system as soon as it is approved. Mid-Man users can view updated information at any time on Mid-Man’s Website. – Man. If Mid-Man User continues to use the Service, it means that Mid-Man User accepts and agrees to abide by the most updated Terms of Use.

Any breach by Mid-Man User of these terms and conditions may result in the suspension or termination of Mid-Man User’s account, the Service, or other authorized activity. According to Mid-Man’s Terms of Service.


MID-MAN DIGITAL LTD will be the contracting party/service provider with user. Also Mid-Man Digital LTD is the ultimate entity who accepting payment and responsible for refund/dispute/customer service.

The fact that Mid-Man User chooses to use Mid-Man’s products and services means that Mid-Man User agrees to comply with the terms, policies, and service agreement published on the Website of Mid-Man. Mid-Man. In addition, when using specific Mid-Man Services, Mid-Man Users are subject to separate terms and conditions applicable to each of those Services from time to time.

Any provision of these Terms of Use shall be invalidated or unenforceable for any reason shall affect only such invalidated condition and shall not affect the validity of such provision. If there is a discrepancy between these Terms of Use and Mid-Man’s other Service Use Agreements, the most recent shall prevail.

Mid-Man users ensure the device is the in-network condition when accessing the latest business data.


Mid-Man reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or prevent a Mid-Man User’s continued access to Mid-Man’s service system when there are grounds or signs of suspicion.

At that time, to continue using the product, Mid-Man has the right to ask Mid-Man User to provide information to verify and make a commitment to continue using the Service. In case the incident is serious, Mid-Man has the full right to seek the intervention of competent state agencies and units with specialized functions to ensure legitimate rights and interests for Mid-Man and the community.


Mid-Man reserves the right to suspend or terminate the service provision entirely without refunding any costs to Mid-Man Users in the following cases:

a) Mid-Man users use Mid-Man’s products and services for any purpose/form that violates United Kingdom law, especially on software copyright issues, songs…

b) Mid-Man users send, create links, or transit for illegal, threatening, deceptive, hateful, misleading, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, offensive data… or other forms prohibited by United Kingdom law.

c) Mid-Man users store or transmit any data that constitutes or encourages any crime; or data that violates intellectual property laws (patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights, or any other rights…) or infringes on the rights of any individual.

d) Mid-Man users use the website to sabotage another website.

e) Users are solely responsible for the content of emails sent from the mailbox in their account.

f) Mid-Man users use programs that have the potential to clog or slow down the system, such as exhausting system resources and overloading the processor and memory.

g) Mid-Man Users use their website or account to infiltrate other websites or illegally influence other Mid-Man.com Mid-Man Users.

h) Mid-Man users are attacked by a third party, seriously affecting Mid-Man’s system. In case of a Mid-Man attack, the Mid-Man User’s website will be suspended in the design, localized for processing, and put into regular operation after troubleshooting.

i) Mid-Man users have other violations that the competent state agencies require to close the website.

k) Mid-Man users fail to pay fees on time.

l) Mid-Man users engage in behavior that affects Mid-Man’s reputation and brand in the mass media.

m) The case mentioned in Section 5 of these Terms of Use about Fair Use.

n) Other cases prescribed by law.


Mid-Man will constantly expand the product’s superiority, not excluding the association with third-party service providers (e-commerce platforms, shipping units…)

When a Mid-Man User uses the services associated with a Third Party integrated into the Mid-Man system, … means that the Mid-Man User has understood and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions. General, different requirements apply to each Service.

When using the Linked Service with a Third Party, the Mid-Man User understands and agrees to the terms of use and agrees to share the information and data necessary to use the Linked Service. Mid-Man only shares information and data agreed to by Mid-Man Users and is essential for the Third Party to provide the Affiliate Services. Mid-Man Users are encouraged to refer to the terms of use of the Linked Services with Third Parties regarding the information and data shared when using the Linked Services.


Mid-Man users are responsible for immediately notifying Mid-Man when detecting a problem and actively coordinating with Mid-Man so that Mid-Man can fix the problem for Mid-Man User as soon as possible. In the event of an incident involving a Third Party, the Mid-Man User’s responsibility is to coordinate with the relevant parties to resolve it. Mid-Man users understand and accept that, in all cases, Mid-Man always tries to assist and remedy. However, Mid-Man will not be responsible for damages arising from uninformed delays.


After handing over the service administration parameters to the user, Mid-Man is not responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information of Mid-Man User on products, solutions, and services.
Mid-Man will certainly not bear any responsibility or liability for the consequences of unauthorized access to the Mid-Man server, Mid-Man User’s equipment and data, or Mid-Man User’s data for accidents, illegal vehicles, Third Party equipment, and other causes beyond the control of Mid-Man.

Mid-Man recommends that Mid-Man Users learn about 3rd party partners carefully before promoting cooperation to avoid unwanted damage. Mid-Man neither warrants nor is responsible for any 3rd Party products or services of Mid-Man Users after using Mid-Man’s services.

Mid-Man will not be responsible for cases where customers intentionally violate the use policy of Facebook, Google, … or any third party to cause direct, indirect, unintentional, or invisible harm to the users.


Mid-Man provides products and accompanying features on an “as-practice” basis. Mid-Man will not guarantee that our product will always be available, always available, never interrupted, on time, free from problems such as Hackers, Internet outages widespread…. However, Mid-Man and Mid-Man employees will commit to doing their best under all conditions and to the best of their ability to ensure that Mid-Man Products and Services are available at all times. Mid-Man is committed to working hard to remedy the disruption and provide adjustments, repairs, and support where possible for speedy system recovery.

Time to design/complete each type of website:

– NEW START UP: Estimated completion time of this package is 7-10 working days.

– SMALL BUSINESS: Estimated completion time of this package is 15-20 working days.

– PREMIUM: Estimated completion time of this package is 30 working days.

– MARKETPLACE: Estimated completion time of this package is 60-90 working days.

Note: All of 4 packages’ price on the website is 50% of the contract value in advance and once user paid the 50% upfront fee from the website, customers are require to pay remaining 50% thereafter after receive the final web design version.

Note: The above is an approximate completion time based on the nature of the fork. The more expensive the website design service package is, the higher the complexity will be, and the longer it will take. Information on the completion time for each specific project will be provided after the online meeting between Mid-Man and the customer.

Warranty/maintenance duration period for each package:

– NEW START UP, SMALL BUSINESS, PREMIUM, MARKETPLACE: Because of the characteristics of the industry, all website design services are subject to the same warranty policy and warranty period.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: All websites built by MID-MAN DIGITAL LTD are guaranteed forever. We will proceed to fix errors that arise during the use of the website. Therefore, customers can rest assured to use the website, invest effort in building the website. We will support customers as long as customers use the website.

SUPPORT FOR FAST ERROR WEBSITE FIX: Errors arising during the operation of the website will be supported immediately for minor errors. Errors that take a long time to program or process will be repaired within 12 – 48 hours.

CONTINUOUS UPGRADE: The website management system built by MID-MAN DIGITAL LTD will be constantly upgraded. We will update the latest versions, with the most convenient features for customer website administration. Therefore, your website will always be operated with the latest features and technology.

Pay attention:  The warranty process will be started immediately after receiving the warranty claim from the customers excluding holidays. Don’t hesitate to contact us through Email / LiveChat


Mid-Man users can access and look up the manual on the Mid-Man.com User Guide page. However, Mid-Man may not provide Mid-Man Users with any printed instructions for use.


a) Method of receiving inquiries and complaints

For all comments, questions, complaints, Mid-Man users, please send them to Mid-Man by the following methods:

Call center for advice and support: +1.484.414.5687

Depending on the complexity of the complaint, Mid-Man will have a corresponding processing time. Complaint settlement results will be notified to Mid-Man Users. In case of necessity, Mid-Man can invite complainants to work directly. Mid-Man will make every effort to permanently resolve the complaints of Mid-Man Users as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, and mutual benefits.

b) During the use process, if there is a dispute between the user and Mid-Man, the two parties will negotiate in a spirit of friendship.