April 26 2023


How to sell Instagram account can make you money, but you must know how to do it right. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the information you need to successfully sell your Instagram account and maximize the return on your investment. With these how to sell an Instagram account, you’ll be able to get top dollar for your Instagram account and make sure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction. 

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1. Why sell on Instagram?

Before diving into how to sell products on Instagram, let’s talk about the benefits first. Marketing your products or services on Instagram can increase sales and skyrocket your reach. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s the most widely used app: Because Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media apps worldwide, you may reach a larger audience.
  • Its user base is enormous: Globally, users log onto social media for 145 minutes daily, or almost two and a half hours. There are a lot of eyes on that, with over a billion users worldwide!
  • Instagram provides a highly user-friendly framework for selling things, making it an engaging social media platform. Additionally, it allows creators to interact with their fans directly and develop relationships. To start promoting your products, just add pictures and videos.
  • Social media has developed into a potent instrument that entrepreneurs and creators may use to sell their goods or services and attract new clients.

You may exhibit your products to the globe and construct your business story with the aid of Instagram stores. You may easily link your current e-commerce platforms to your Instagram catalog if you sell products online. 

How to Sell Instagram Account
Selling products or services on Instagram can increase revenue and skyrocket reach

How to sell Instagram account is also beneficial because it: 

  • It enables you to reach a niche audience by exposing your goods or services to the appropriate demographic. 
  • It enables consumers to purchase more from your website or through the built-in checkout without leaving the app. 
  • Increases brand awareness and increases website and page traffic.
  • It helps you create a personalized shopping experience and convey a narrative.
  • Promotes the discovery of products through your feed, tales, and videos. 
  • Enables customers to explore and discover more about your brand and products. 
  • If your company still needs an Instagram account, set one up so you can interact with your followers.

You can immediately open your store and begin selling. Distributing your goods or services on as many channels as possible as a small business or creative is crucial. The shopping feature on Instagram enables you to interact with your followers, find new clients, and boost sales. 

Let’s be sure you can sell in the first place before we discuss how to sell Instagram account. You only need to meet a few qualifying requirements to use Instagram shopping. 

can you sell instagram accounts
Just meet a few requirements to be able to use shopping on Instagram

2. How to sell Instagram account?

It may seem difficult at first how to sell Instagram account, but below we will give instructions on how to sell on the Instagram store:

2.1 Identify your niche and build your following

The first step in every successful business plan is to identify your niche. A niche is a group of people or businesses eager to purchase a specific good or service. Getting inside the heads of your target customers on Instagram requires an understanding your niche market. You’ll learn what they want and need, and how your offering satisfies those demands.

Here are a few methods for finding your niche:

  • Learn about the preferences, interests, and actions of your ideal client.
  • Consider their needs and issues, and how your offering can help.
  • Analyze the rivalry between similar companies in your niche.
  • Read forum and social media comments and posts to learn more about your ideal consumer’s issues and challenges.
  • You’ll stand out to your perfect buyer more if your specialization is narrower.

Once you are aware of your specialty, you can research your rivals by using hashtags that are pertinent to your industry. Check out the Explore page to browse popular hashtags, accounts, and images.

You can replicate what’s trending if you understand how Instagram ranks content. You are welcome to take inspiration from their approach if it is effective. But the objective is to examine what they are doing and improve upon it.

Spying on your rivals will give you valuable customer information that will help you develop your Instagram marketing approach. You’ll find it simpler to grow your audience once you’ve defined your niche. Consider how you can engage with your followers, share high-quality pictures, produce informative content, improve your captions, or all of the above. The next step is to develop your social media strategy to attract a following of your ideal clients. 

can you sell your instagram account
Understanding your target audience on Instagram requires understanding your niche

2.2 Switch to a business account

It’s time to convert your account to an Instagram business profile now that you are familiar with your industry and have a decent following. You may manage your brand’s online appearance and store by creating a free Instagram business profile. Insights, sponsored posts, advertisements, scheduled posts, quick replies, branded content, links to Instagram stories, and more are also available.

Brands and businesses that provide goods or services frequently use Instagram Business accounts. And that’s not surprising given that it aids in expanding your internet visibility and enabling your Instagram store. Navigate to Settings, Account, and hit a Switch account type to convert to a business account. 

Here, you can enable your business account simply, right? You’ll get access to unique business-only material after everything is set up. To get the most incredible experience, tour the newest features and helpful hints.

can you sell your instagram account
You can quickly activate your Instagram business account and use it simply

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2.3 Set up shop

You’ve built up a following online, been eligible for Instagram shopping, and changed your account to a business account. So can you sell Instagram accounts when you already have a significant customer base? The answer will be no, with the steps taken above, you are ready to open the door, let’s start with the fundamentals, step by step. 

Go to your profile dashboard after logging into your Instagram account and verifying that you are an admin. Then, to set up your store, follow these steps:

  • Choose settings, tap on Creator, and then click Make Instagram Shopping available
  • Link your catalog or work with a partner
  • Your website must be entered for Instagram to verify it
  • Configure your checkout method 
  • Deciding on sales channels
  • Fill in at least one record with new products
  • To ensure that your store looks decent, do a preview

When you open your Instagram shop, an entire dashboard of options is available for you to use to build an engaging shopping experience. Followers can access your store, browse your selection, and purchase directly from your profile, posts, or stories. People won’t need to exit the app to purchase this way. 

how to sell an instagram account
Followers can visit the store, browse their selections and purchase directly


2.4 Post products

Shoppable articles are a terrific method to increase product discoverability. Regular feeds, posts, Reels, or Stories with product tags are shoppable pests. These tags enable customers to add items to their cart or visit your website to make purchases by displaying the price and product name. Users can tap the tags to read additional information about your good or service.  

Always include a call to action in your posts to increase their impact. Encourage visitors to visit the link in your bio to learn more about your company. You can start creating shoppable posts as soon as your shop is up. Shoppable posts are the best way to promote your products to followers and potential buyers. You have two posting options on Instagram: organic and paid. 

how to sell instagram account
Product tags allow customers to add items to their cart or visit your website

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3. Tips to attract shoppers on Instagram

Naturally, you don’t want to solely provide sales-related content to your followers because it could come across as obnoxious. Focus on creating posts that are 20% shoppable and 80% regular.

Remember that you should strive to add value with each post rather than merely blogging for the sake of posting. Produce creative and exciting content. Post information you are confident your followers will want to repost or share with their peers. 

Here is a couple we suggest if you’re looking for post idea inspiration:

  • Ask your audience interesting or perceptive questions
  • Create e-learning materials for your specialty
  • Give your followers an inside look at your company
  • Include your top articles about thought leadership
how to sell instagram account
Should add value with each post instead of just blogging for the sake of posting

4. Can you sell Instagram accounts? Is it legel?

The remaining question is whether how to sell Instagram account is legal. Unfortunately, no law prohibits buying and selling any social media accounts.

The first provision in Instagram’s Terms of Use states that the account holder is entirely accountable for all activities related to their account. They also promise not to sell, license, transfer, or assign their account, username, or flowers to anyone else. 

In addition, no one, except businesses and those with permission to create Instagram accounts for their employees, has the right to develop authentic and verified accounts for others. Can you sell your Instagram account? Of course, when you sign up for Instagram, you agree not to sell your account, but violating the Terms of Service is not subject to any form of a legal violation.

So, even if you decide to sell your Instagram account, you won’t be breaking any rules set forth by the government. Nevertheless, exercise caution when selling accounts because con artists exist. 

how to sell instagram account
Even if you decide to sell your Instagram account, you won’t break any rules

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Selling Instagram accounts can be a great way to earn extra money. You can quickly turn your Instagram profile into a profitable business with the right strategies and tactics. These Midman guides above will give you all the information you need about how to sell your Instagram account to maximize your profits and ensure that your sale is a success.

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