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FB Page Eligible To Apply For In-Stream Ads

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Quickly reach Facebook In-Stream Ads requirements without starting from scratch. In that way, you will have more time to create great videos to increase the chance to get approved for In-Stream Ads.

Account information 

  • Eligible To Apply for In-Stream Ads (Hasn’t started the review the process yet.)
  • Views & Followers: 600K Watch Minutes & 10K Followers
  • The Page’s Niche Is Random.
  • Page Is Quality & Comply With Facebook’s Policy.
  • Followers & Views Are Real.
  • Payment Setup Instructions (Bank Account, Paypal Linking.)
  • Page Security Instructions.
  • Guarantee: We will support you change the page’s name safely. Also, no-back guaranteed.

Don’t worry about the price! We have super attractive prices for buyer buying in bulk.

Note: We reserve the right to sell this service directly without having to go through the Escrow service because We have successfully verified this service with the Mid-Man moderation team.
So the delivery time will be extremely fast in just a few hours. 

Support 24/7

Livechat: Text me through Private Message on MID-MAN.

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