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  • BM Account $250 – Newly

  • $6

  • Vendor: socialaccs
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Vendor: socialaccs

Person has given us their passport data, as well as a selfie video in order to help us confirm their identity. We can therefore disclose this data to law enforcement in case of fraudulent behavior from their part. (Citizenship IRN)

  • Original Email Included: Yes
  • Ownership Verified: Yes
  • Account Statistics: Yes
  • Age:
  • 2 Sales

Account information 

  • Condition: Newly Created
  • BM Type: BM1
  • Daily Spending Limit: $250
  • Business Verification Status: NO
  • Suitability: Only suitable for products and services that do not violate Facebook’s policies.

Some notes when using a BM account on Facebook:

  • Be careful when adding someone else as an administrator.
  • Do not use one Visa card to pay for multiple accounts. This can easily cause the account to become abnormal and locked. 
  • It is not recommended to use PayPal as payment because Facebook can block payment accounts easily.


  • Quickly have multiple pre-established BM accounts with no need to create them manually.
  • 1 BM account can integrate many advertising accounts. Therefore, you can share your account with many others to support your ad campaign well.
  • The reliability of a business account is many times higher than that of a personal account. Therefore, the possibility of being locked out of the ad account will be lower.
  •  BM accounts often receive support from Facebook’s support team faster than personal accounts.
  • Convenient for management and decentralization for others. On your BM account, you can create a common password for many people to manage together.
  • Advantages when cooperating with other companies to run ads.

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