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  • Aged BM Account Limit $50

  • $7

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Vendor: socialaccs

Person has given us their passport data, as well as a selfie video in order to help us confirm their identity. We can therefore disclose this data to law enforcement in case of fraudulent behavior from their part. (Citizenship IRN)

  • Original Email Included: Yes
  • Ownership Verified: Yes
  • Account Statistics: Yes
  • Age: 2017-2020
  • 0 Sales

BM information 

– Condition: Aged
– Age: Created 2017-2020
– BM Type: BM1
– Daily Spending Limit: $50
– Business Verification Status: NO
 Suitability: Only suitable for products and services that slightly violate Facebook’s policies.

Guarantee Policy: 

★ If the Business Manager has any issues within 48 hours of buying, we will replace it for free (If you haven’t used it yet. Cases such as creating advertising accounts, running ads, adding credit cards, sharing pixels are counted as using the account)

★ If the Facebook Account gets banned due to any login problem, we will attempt to fix it immediately. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace it for you.

How do I get the BM from the link?

You get a link (invitation), then click on it and enter the password from your social network account.

Vendor information: 

We are a company that specializes in providing digital account solutions for content creators and businesses worldwide.

With five years of experience in the field and dedication to customers, we are confident to bring you the best experience when using our services.

Discount code: NEWBIESC (10% Discount for the first order at Social Accounts Store)

How to buy: You can buy directly through Mid-Man. It’s the safest way for both of us!

Delivery time: 24 hours, usually immediately.

Contact us via: https://mid-man.com/store/socialaccs/

Frequently Asked Questions

– Q: How can I directly contact the seller?

– A: Open the Seller’s Store on Mid-Man then click on “Get Support”.

– Q: Should I buy the service off site?

– A: No, you shouldn’t. There’re many scammers out there. Make sure you always use Escrow Service to be protected.

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