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@ABC TV KIDS Channel with 377K Subscribers

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Member since: 2021


Account information:

US audience over 28% (over 39,000,000 views)
The channel brings stable 10,000 – 12,000 views every 48 hours
The channel was created in 2014

Silver button and verification can be obtained.

Constantly growing channel with over 370,000 subscribers, without monetization, completely copyrighted content, organic views and watch hours (no bots, cheats and ads), streaming feature available.

General passport of the channel “ABC TV KIDS” (as of 1/3/2023):
377,396 subscribers | 136,564,697 views | 3,400,000 watch time (hours)
Impressions: 568,000,000 (84.4% from YouTube recommending)
14.6% click-through rate | Views from impressions – 82,000,000 | 1:21 average view duration

The channel was promoted without advertising, only in natural ways.
High views, high impressions. With the help of this channel, you can easily promote your videos, the main thing is to make them of high quality.

No strikes, violations and etc.

Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” channel – 6.4% (24.3K)
Gender (Lifetime): Female 63.6%, Male 36.3%
Top geographies (Lifetime): United States (28.6%), Mexico (12.5%), Brazil (7.0%)

I have a very high rating on this site and have been selling channels for 2 years now, and during this time I have not received a single negative review. I accept payment only in Crypto, PayPal or Payeer.

For more information check screenshots to your right –>, PM me on the site

Benefits / Oppotunities:

  • The account already has good credibility and standing, which will shorten the time to build a brand on YouTube
  • You don’t have to spend time starting from scratch but focus on creating good videos.
  • The YouTube Channel with High Subscribers will bring future uploaded videos a higher chance to go viral.
  • Increase your video and video Livestream ranking better your competitors on YouTube Search.

Who is this account suitable for?

  • People who want to shorten time to build a brand on YouTube.
  • People who want to promote products/services on YouTube.
  • People who want to make money on YouTube by creating videos or even reusing others’ video.
  • People who want to do Affiliate on YouTube.

Super Fast Delivery: 1-12 Hours

We will send the account details to the Escrow Team to start a securing process. Once Escrow Agent completes the securing process, they directly transfer the account details to your email. The whole process typically takes 24 hours. Sometimes it takes longer to deliver the account. We will notify you directly via email in that case (maximum of three days.)

Login Instruction: You can log in YouTube account by using the given account details as usual. Click “Verify by recovery email” and type our given Recovery Email if Google asks for verification. To ensure full access to the account, we will add your email as a new channel owner and leave out the account access of our team members or the Seller. Also, to avoid being banned due to unusual activities, you should only change the account details the next 24 hours after the first login.

Note: Ensure your Gmail has never been violated YouTube Terms and Policies. The delivery process will go very smoothly.

Guarantee Policy:

  • We will guarantee the first login (if any problem causes within a maximum 3 days) and guide you to secure your account safely.
  • All sales are final. No refund or replacement is supported if we deliver the account as described in the listing. No refund or replacement if you don’t follow our instructions.

Support 24/7

Livechat: Text me through Private Message on MID-MAN.

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